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North Hollywood's female Huskies face early challenges, but remain hopeful for success

2023-11-20 浏览:

Despite a challenging start to the 2023-24 basketball season, the North Hollywood Lady Huskies were not deterred and were energized by the addition of new players. The team kicked off the season with a close 41-37 win over Panorama High School. However, they lost their non-league opener to the Lady Cougars of Kennedy 19-48 and Sylmar High 36-48.

North Hollywoods female Huskies face early challenges, but remain hopeful for success(图1)

Not deterred by these setbacks, the Lady Huskies are focusing on improving their deficiencies and are determined to bounce back and succeed as a unified team. The team emphasizes the need to remain calm under pressure and the positive influence of the coaching staff. With a growth mindset, the players are determined to learn from their mistakes and emerge stronger from this challenging start.

Despite facing early adversity, the Lady Huskies remain hopeful for a successful season. The addition of new talent, coupled with a commitment to improvement and teamwork, has created a solid foundation for growth. As the season progresses, the Lady Huskies will show their resilience and determination, proving that challenge is the cornerstone of success.