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I didn't think I would score, but everyone at Real Madrid worked hard.

2023-09-18 浏览:

With a long range shot to help his team beat Real Sociedad in a comeback, Real Madrid's goal scorer Valverde spoke about his and his team's performance in an official interview with the club after the game.

For another reversal win, Valverde said: "Just back from the international day, the game is not easy, we have a lot of chances, but at the beginning did not get a goal, the next we keep trying, the victory is what we deserve."

I didnt think I would score, but everyone at Real Madrid worked hard.(图1)

Talking about his long range goal, Valverde said, "I couldn't believe it myself that the goal went in, I used the inside of my foot because Fran Garcia's passes are very fast, and as long as I can help the team I'm happy."

In addition, Valverde spoke about offers from Premier League teams, after celebrity journalist Romano said he had received offers from two Premier League teams in the past few months, "I think I have the ability to play for Real Madrid, I'm still a Real Madrid player and I have a very good feeling at the club."

With the victory, Real Madrid won 5 consecutive league matches in the new season and continue to lead the table.