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I hope this is the first step in Barcelona's domination, and I'll continue to improve.

2023-09-18 浏览:

Barcelona thrashed Betis 5-0 in the 5th round of La Liga, with Levan contributing two passes and a shot, and he spoke to reporters after the game to comment on his and his team's performance.

Barcelona showed dominance against Betis as they scored a total of five goals. Leading scorer Levan also had a solid performance as he scored a solo goal in the first half and assisted Rafinha and Cancelo in the second half.

I hope this is the first step in Barcelonas domination, and Ill continue to improve.(图1)

Levan was very happy with his team's performance and said, "We've spent some time on the game to make it look better and, above all, to make it more efficient and impressive. 

Today we showed it, so I hope that this is also the first step to start our domination. Maybe we can't be like that in every game, but when we have chances we have to take advantage of them and score as many goals as possible."

Levan, who has contributed three goals and three assists in La Liga so far this season, said, "I feel good, we know we have to start playing a game every three days and these games are important. I want to score in every game and win. That's not always possible to achieve, but my form will improve further because today I felt really good."