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Matildas and Football Australia agree new pay deal that will see female footballers receive significant pay rises

2023-11-09 浏览:

The Matildas have reached a landmark pay deal with Soccer Australia that will see Australia's top women's footballers paid significantly more, potentially as much as $80,000 a year, in addition to club salaries and tournament bonuses.

The ground-breaking agreement follows the success of the Women's World Cup, when the Matildas drew huge crowds, broke TV viewing records and captivated a national audience.

The new agreement marks a shift to a more collaborative approach to Australian soccer, emphasizing revenue sharing and performance-based incentives." James Johnson, CEO of Football Australia, said, "From Football Australia's perspective, the goal of this agreement is to really drive further economic growth.

The last agreement was reached in 2019 and was an important step towards achieving gender equality in pay and conditions. However, with the World Cup becoming a top priority, Football Federation Australia sought a more comprehensive and forward-looking agreement.

Under the previous arrangement, Matildas players received a fixed amount based on their grade category, with the top players earning around $110,000 a year. The new agreement aligns the Matildas' remuneration structure with Football Australia, with around two-thirds of player remuneration coming from match fees and the remainder from annual commercial payments.

Football Australia co-chair Kate Gill emphasized the developmental nature of the agreement, combining player rewards with team success and revenue growth." She explained, "It's about creating a partnership that ensures players are rewarded for their success on the pitch, but also incentivizes them to increase their commercial revenue.

PFA co-CEO Beau Busch highlighted the potential impact this could have on the earnings of top players, suggesting they could earn as much as $200,000 a year, placing Matilda among the highest-paid national women's soccer teams in the country.

Sarah Walsh, head of women's soccer at Football Australia, highlighted the earnings of fringe players in Matilda's team, which typically consists of 23 players." The 23rd player is now likely to be paid more than their contracted salary at other levels of the team. She said, "It is important to raise the standard of treatment for each of these 23 players.

Matildas and Football Australia agree new pay deal that will see female footballers receive significant pay rises(图1)

The new agreement, which runs through 2027, includes other significant improvements in addition to the raises. Caregivers at the team's training camps will now be able to take care of children up to the age of four, as opposed to two previously. In addition, approximately $2 million will be allocated over four years for programs and services that support player development and well-being. This is the first time that guaranteed funding has been provided for retired players.

In addition, a working group will be established between Football Australia and the players to address human rights issues, with the aim of developing a formal human rights policy for the sport.

This landmark remuneration agreement marks a significant step forward for women's soccer in Australia, ensuring that the Minute Maid Women are paid fairly for their contribution to the sport, while aligning their remuneration structure with that of the Australian team. The agreement also demonstrates a commitment to player welfare, diversity and inclusion, setting a new standard for women's soccer in Australia.