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One must watch out for Brown Lee in the War of Vengeance.

2023-10-04 浏览:

According to the latest news, the Asian Games Men's Basketball Semi-finals will be the focus of the battle, the host Chinese men's basketball team and the Philippines narrowly meet.

Quarter-final Chinese men's basketball team 84-70 eliminated the old rival South Korea, Hu Jinqiu, Du Runwang, Hu Mingxuan, Zhu Junlong and many other players have a good performance.

Jorjevic in the outlook of the game with the Philippines pointed out that the opponent is a strong team, in the World Cup game over us, this time I hope to win the opponent, and once again, we must go all out to play a good start, do a good job on defense.

One must watch out for Brown Lee in the War of Vengeance.(图1)

This Philippine team and the team in the World Cup has a big change, only 4 people participated in the World Cup in the Philippines, the absolute core of the World Cup Clarkson's absence so that the Chinese men's basketball team can breathe a sigh of relief. But this team still has 2 outstanding naturalized players, including Justin Brown Lee in the quarter-finals cut down 36 points and 8 rebounds, it is Brown Lee's outstanding performance led the Philippines to a 1-point difference 84-83 eliminated the Iranian team, in the World Cup has an excellent performance of the Philippine center Fajardo in the Asian Games is still outstanding performance, and the Iranian team's game Fajardo 9 shots 7 Fajardo scored 18 points in the match with Iran in 7 out of 9 shots.

Chinese men's basketball compared to the World Cup lineup has some changes, but in the Asian Games Chinese men's basketball gradually out of the haze of the World Cup fiasco, Hu Jinqiu, Zhang Zhenlin, Zhao Jiwei, Zhu Junlong, etc. The overall performance of the overall performance are not small improvement, Du Runwang joined the Chinese men's basketball has a more reliable shooter, although the play of the ups and downs, but Du Runwang played a role in enriching the tactical set of Chinese men's basketball.

The two teams meet again, although no longer have the World Cup fighting the kind of crossbow flames, but the Chinese men's basketball team in terms of no room to lose, Hu Jinqiu outside of Wang Zhelin's performance is also very critical to come to the Asian Games on the performance of Wang Zhelin has made significant progress, and now has played to the semi-finals, the face of the Philippine center Fajardo relying only on Hu Jinqiu I'm afraid that it is difficult to easily suppressed opponents, as a replacement lineman Wang Zhelin! This time need to provide some energy, and in the defense of Brown Lee is by no means only rely on Zhao Rui, Zhu Junlong, Zhang Zhenlin and other outside players can do, but also need to inside players of the synergistic, Hu Jinqiu, Wang Zhelin, and even Yu Jiahao and so on to be ready.