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That's not protection, that's threats and intimidation from the FA.

2023-09-19 浏览:

The Spanish Football Federation has announced its latest roster, and it's striking that Jenny Hermoso, who was involved in a kissing controversy with the president of the Federation, has been left off the list. As one of the best players in the World Cup and the goal scorer in the final, it is unfathomable that she was left off the list.

Earlier, the Spanish Football Federation said in a statement, "The association has realized the need to complete structural reforms and has taken the difficult decision to do so in the last few days, and will continue to defend that decision. We would like to call on the players to be part of this reform program and we hope that they understand that the reform is firm and fair, and that the Association will safeguard the rights of the players."

Spain head coach Montezel Tomei said she spoke with El Mozo and decided not to include her on the roster - to protect her.

Thats not protection, thats threats and intimidation from the FA.(图1)

"We stand with Jenny and all the players," Tomei said, "and I believe this is the best way to protect her."

The new coach, who was an assistant to former coach Jorge Verda at the Women's World Cup, did not say whether it was Elmoso herself who asked not to be called up.

Elmoso later sent out a lengthy post on her personal social media expressing her anger at the WFA and the manager's approach.

Elmoso wrote: "Protect me? Protect me from what?"

El Mozo said Spain's latest list used "divisive and manipulative tactics in an attempt to threaten and intimidate with economic sanctions and legal consequences."

"We have spent weeks and even months looking for protection from the Spanish Football Federation, but they have been indifferent since the beginning. The people who are now demanding that we surrender our trust are the same people who today disclosed the list of excluded players. "She wrote.

"This is why we are fighting and why we have chosen to fight in this way."