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The CBA regular season resumes this Friday! Qingdao men's basketball team plays against Xinjiang team at Guoxin Stadium

2023-11-29 浏览:

This Friday, the CBA regular season will resume after a 15-day break. The Qingdao Guoxin Fisheries Men’s Basketball Team will welcome the Xinjiang team at home. The Qingdao Men's Basketball Team, which has a good record in the first ten rounds, has fans full of expectations. Coupled with the support of the Xinjiang team's popular star Zhao Rui, ticket sales for this game are extremely hot. I believe that this Friday, Guoxin Stadium will definitely be a sold-out event.

The CBA regular season resumes this Friday! Qingdao mens basketball team plays against Xinjiang team at Guoxin Stadium(图1)

This afternoon, the Xinjiang team arrived in Qingdao in advance to prepare for this game. Zhao Rui, who joined the team from the Guangdong team this season, also went with the large team. In the current Xinjiang team, there is also an old friend familiar to Qingdao fans-Jiang Zhengxiu. In the 2008-2009 season, the Qingdao Double Star Men's Basketball Team was promoted to the CBA League. Jiang Zhengxiu came to the team as the executive head coach and led the team for many seasons. Subsequently, he served in Shaanxi, Xinjiang and other teams, and this time he returned to the island city as the assistant coach of the Xinjiang team.

After ten rounds of the first phase of the CBA regular season this season, the Qingdao men's basketball team ranked tenth with a record of 6 wins and 4 losses, but was only one game behind the sixth-placed Guangdong team. The rapid rise of young Yang Hansen has made the youth team of the Qingdao Men's Basketball Team one of the most interesting teams in the CBA this season. After terminating the contract with big foreign aid Moultrie, the Qingdao Men's Basketball Team has not made much progress in recruiting big foreign aid in the transfer market. "We are now in the league period, and most of the good players are within the contract period, so it is not easy to choose a big foreign player that suits the team's style." A senior member of the club said. Fortunately, Yang Hansen's performance has met expectations and has become the team's absolute main force in the interior. With the addition of Ji Zhuo, Ou Junxuan and other players, the interior personnel are relatively abundant.

During the half-month offseason, the Qingdao men's basketball team trained step by step under the leadership of head coach Liu Weiwei, while solving the problems exposed in the first ten rounds of games. After overcoming the relatively difficult schedule in the first stage, the Qingdao Men's Basketball Team is expected to use the relatively easy schedule in the second stage to improve its ranking in the standings.

In the first stage of the league, the young Qingdao men's basketball team performed very well. Many games were won or lost within 3 points. The excitement of the game was also recognized by the fans. Coupled with the fact that the Xinjiang team has a super star like Zhao Rui, the tickets for this game were sold out on Tuesday. The club will open more three-tier stands to meet the needs of fans.