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EPL PREVIEW: Man City's Double Advantage is Huge, West Ham United Struggle to Escape First Loss of the Season

2023-09-16 浏览:

Recently, the 5th round of the 23/24 season of the English Premier League came to the focus of the game, Manchester City ran away to challenge West Ham United, which is a dialog between the two top four teams.

City won the Champions League, Premier League and FA Cup last season, and became the biggest winner, with Harland, Alvarez and De Bruyne all entering the FIFA Best of the Year competition. Although the summer window let go of Cancelo, Jindoan and Laporte, but Manchester City's reinforcement efficiency is very high, signed Gwadior, Kovacic, Doku and Nunez and other new aid, the value of the first team exceeded 1.2 billion euros.

After the start of the new season, Manchester City also showed the level of champions, the first 4 rounds of all wins, although there are occasional ups and downs, but all 3 points to hand, currently with 12 points ranked first in the standings, ahead of behind the Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, West Ham United and Arsenal 2 points. Harland scored 6 goals in 4 rounds and continues to top the scorer's list.

EPL PREVIEW: Man Citys Double Advantage is Huge, West Ham United Struggle to Escape First Loss of the Season(图1)

While City's stability is no surprise, West Ham United's rise is somewhat of a surprise. You should know that last season, they finished in 14th place, and were a relegation team for a long time. And this summer West Ham United also sold Rice, the strength is a decline. But I didn't expect the Hammers' reinforcements to be equally powerful, and they have gotten new recruits such as Edison Alvarez, Ward-Prowse and Kudus, and with 10 points from 3 wins and 1 draw in the first 4 rounds, Moyes brought the Hammers out of the doldrums again.

Of course, in terms of past performance, City is one-sided superiority, the last 12 times to touch West Ham United, the Blue Moon Army won 10 wins and 2 draws, the last time to beat the opponent is back in 2014. The last time they were defeated was back in 2014. And the last 8 times they visited West Ham United, Manchester City won 5 and drew 3 to remain undefeated, and last season when they came to the London Bowl, Manchester City beat their opponents 2-0, so it is clear that the two teams are not at the same level of existence.

Of course, Manchester City also has some hidden worries, due to De Bruyne hamstring injury recurrence need to do surgery, is still in the recovery period, the lack of midfield brain, Manchester City's offensive efficiency is discounted. Lack of De Bruyne's sharp pass, Harland sometimes in the front line looks isolated, many fans even criticized Harland is a "cake striker", no way through their own ability to drive the team. In addition, Pep Guardiola is also recovering from back surgery and is unable to command from the sidelines, so he will have to test assistant coach Lillo in terms of clinical adjustments.

West Ham United's squad is relatively complete, the only uncertainty is whether Czech midfielder SauČek can play. But no matter what, the strength, thickness and individual ability of City's squad are all higher than that of West Ham United, and the Blue Moon Army has every reason to look forward to the opening five consecutive victories.