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Henderson says he's leaving the team untouched Klopp responds to Henderson at conference

2023-09-16 浏览:

Recently former Liverpool captain Henderson said in an interview that he left Liverpool to join the Saudi club Dammam Collaboration not because of monetary reasons, but because after Dammam Collaboration contacted Liverpool, the club's first reaction was not to reject Dammam Collaboration, and no one retained Henderson.

In the fifth round of the Premier League against Wolves in the pre-match conference, Klopp talked about Henderson is this interview, responded to Henderson's no one to retain the theory. Klopp said: "I did not see the content of Henderson's interview at first, then I read what he said. 

Henderson says hes leaving the team untouched Klopp responds to Henderson at conference(图1)

Only after reading what he said can I give my thoughts. First of all I can confirm that Henderson was telling the truth and that we did have a private conversation. I told Henderson I wanted him to stay in the team but we also talked about the fact that he won't be playing regularly."

"I can't tell a player he can play 50 games because I can't be sure who I will send out. I love Henderson but he's the same as Milner, when he can't play on the pitch and play, it's not good for him."

"Henderson said no one kept him when he left the club and he thought no one in the club wanted him. But if I had to say to Henderson that you will say absolute starter if you stay in the team, I wouldn't say it. So Henderson is better off leaving the team. I don't have the slightest ill will towards him. He is still the best Liverpool captain of the Premier League era."