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Navy lacrosse fall practice watch: game and tempo

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Navy lacrosse coach Joe Amplo wanted his players to communicate with a sense of urgency and clarity of thought during Friday's final fall ball practice. That's where the lollipops come in, along with the baked goods Amplo purchased at the farmers market for the team that won the all-day game.

Finally, Amplo gave credit to the week's practices. Their energy didn't calm down after the weekend mixer with Payne and Colby. They handed out candy and snacks (the coaches also had some healthy snacks for post-practice recovery) and walked back to the locker room. Amplo was on his way to church for the Naval Academy Halloween concert, where his oldest daughter (a civilian) would be performing. A practice was scheduled for the next morning, and a training plan was made: the next game, Jan. 21, Denver/Hippointer.

The Competition

This practice centered on the competition. Each section was scored. During half-time drills, Amplo would bring everyone to one side of the field and form a horseshoe around midfield so they could play together. This was also out of necessity in a way. Since this was the last day of training, there were quite a few bumps and bruises on the field, with about 10 players sitting off the field.

Training in a small space not only builds fitness, but also allows the most crafty players to shine. Once half-time practice began, the team transitioned to a 6v6 game, providing players with the opportunity to pick up the pace and offense before heading into the game.

The melee began with a clear advantage for the Gold team, but that advantage was quickly erased over the course of the game. The losing Blue team threw themselves into the melee with a sense of urgency and capitalism that not only recovered the score, but also earned them an extra snack.

The competition on the defensive end was obvious. This is a team with strong contributors, a great starting lineup and depth that propels them forward. Then, of course, there's Jackson Bonitz, a solid defender who played for the U.S. this fall. nick LiCalzi is in a similar situation. aJ Hernandez had a great civilian year, so he should be able to make the jump in his sophomore year. To be fair, they've all been at the top of their game in practice.

Jackson Roberts is a guy who started small and his hard work paid off. He may not be at the top of the depth chart, but he's been well coached. When you talk about competition, the proverbial boat rises. He's the best proof of that.

In practice, Dan Dailey shined in net. He played with confidence and his teammates rallied around him, recognizing his great day. Gabe Craven (Md.) matched him on the court.

Navy lacrosse fall practice watch: game and tempo(图1)

AJ Marsh (McDonald, MD) was the biggest "X-factor" for the Longhorns. Marsh is expected to be as good as any civilian linebacker in the academy. It's no exaggeration to say that he may be the most impactful rookie guard in the nation. He can play pole or post, and he has a skill set that can't be taught. He stands out in some areas more than others.


It's cliché for coaches to say they want to play faster. But this feels like a joint effort between Amplo and offensive coordinator Michael Phipps.

The centers will help with that. Captain Jackson Peters is out with an injury, but he should be the team leader. Commonwealth player Justin Quinn (Severn, Md.) scored a goal and disrupted the entire practice.

On offense, Jon Jarosz looked solid despite not practicing much lately, and Max Hewitt continued his play from last year, getting plenty of touches at the crease.