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FLC: Rock Climbing with a Challenge

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FLC is an acronym for "Freestyle Climbing", which means "Free Style Climbing" in Chinese. Free Climbing is a climbing sport that relies solely on individual climbing skills and strength to complete, without the need for assistive devices such as ropes and protectors. Free climbing requires climbers to have a certain amount of physical strength, endurance, sense of balance and climbing skills.

Characteristics of Free Climbing

Free climbing is a challenging and exciting sport, but it is also a very dangerous sport. Free climbers are completely unprotected when climbing and if they miss, the consequences are unimaginable. Therefore, free climbing requires climbers to be experienced, skillful and fully prepared for safety.

There are two general types of free climbing competitions:

Speed Climbing: Climbers complete the climb within a specified time, and the fastest climber wins.

High Difficulty Climbing: Climbers complete the climb on a designated route, the difficulty of the route is assessed by the judges, the higher the difficulty of the route, the higher the score.

Differences between free climbing and other climbing sports

Bouldering: Bouldering is climbing on a low rock face without aids such as ropes and protection. Bouldering is less dangerous, but requires a certain level of climbing skill.

Trad Climbing: Trad Climbing is climbing without fixed protection points and using protectors to set your own protection points. Traditional climbing is more difficult and requires a certain level of experience and skill.

Artificial Climbing: Artificial climbing refers to climbing on artificial rock walls. Artificial rock climbing is safer and suitable for beginners to practice.

Safety Precautions for Free Climbing

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Free climbing is a challenging and dangerous sport. Therefore, you must pay attention to safety when free climbing. Here are some safety precautions:

Before climbing, make sure you are fully prepared, including physical strength, skills and safety equipment.

Choose a suitable climbing route and conduct a thorough risk assessment.

Always pay attention to safety when climbing to avoid accidents.


Free climbing is a very challenging and exciting sport. If you like rock climbing, you may want to try free climbing. But be sure to pay attention to safety and be fully prepared.